Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Thank you. Next!

Selamat tahun baru! 🎉🎉🎉

A year has been passed and through all this time, God is good.
2018 is a very special year for me.
It taught me love, pain, forgiveness, faith, but most of all, h a p p i n e s s.
I got new boss and lost him.
I met kak San and now I am head over heels in love with her.
I went out from my comfort zone by watching a concert with thousands people around me.
I spent the first 5 months in a tight dilemma and finally got rid of  it.
I spent my 22nd birthday as one of the best day in my life.
I wished something and got best wishes from everyone around me.
5 weeks after my birthday I got fractured due to an accident, being hospitalized for almost 2 months, and was depressed.
Whoa, finally I know how it does feel when someone is depressed and frustrated!
I spent much time for a trauma healing, almost done with it, and somehow satan  tried to take me back, and I was depressed, again.
Thank God it’s not longer than 2 weeks.
Well, I’ve grown up in technical things, having 2 ‘cute’ juniors in my department, coach them and being bullied.
I received good feedbacks from my boss on my annual performance appraisal and I can’t wait the time to grow better and better.
I travelled overseas more than 5 times in 2018 and it was a great opportunity.
I have a lot of experiences for being an MC. Being a trainer is an extra gift.
And the best parts are, ..
- I’m forgiven :)
- I talked a lot with God and went through a deep intimacy with Him

Thank you, Lord!

For the things that were happened, the tears, the laughters, the happiness, the pains, the traumas, the smiles, the foods 🤩
During these 22 years, I will remember 2018 as the best as well as the happiest days in my life.
I’ve grown amazing and will be even more, as long as I'm with You.

As for 2019, I would like to :
1. pray more with the heavenly Father in honesty, read Scriptures to find how great He appreciates me as His beloved daughter
2. stay away from any kind of relationship with an adult male
3. find the root cause of my acnes (I think I have an allergy lately)
4. visit new place(s) for business trip(s)
5. travel with Yuni or/and others at the first semester of the year
6. have my first domestic flight
7. buy my dream wristwatch
8. finish Robotic Process Automation exam and get the certificate
9. stronger related to technical things as an Outsystems developer
10. dress better as an IT professional
11. be humble
*. Talk more with God

I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for everyone around me.
Mamak, Bapak, Babang, Ranti, Nadia, Mitha, Bou, Nenek, Wak Mis, kak Melva, Maktua, Tante, bi Murti, kak San, Winda, Ardi, Nanda, Jeklin, Juwita, Novita, Yeni, Pelin, Yuni, Kai's, Endang, Utin, Oca, kak Destri, bang Febri, kak Putri, kak Dina, kak Vera, kak Tiara, kak Novi, kak Devi, kak Adel, Gres, Julfi, Ruth, Jessy, bang Nepen, Cinthia, bang Piter, Ita, Rini, Dippos, Mondo, Rano, Fier, Dennis, Ruswan, Antony, Chandra, Kevin, Sarah, Tegar, Jivi, Joshua, Kris, Erik, kak Ica, ko Kuandi, Nisa, Edrick, Kevin, ko JU, ko Cundy, bang Erwin, Xiao Hui, other office mates since I can't mention everyone, PAK, koordinasi, hm, who else?
As well as everyone who have prayed for me during the past year.
I make it work thanks to your prayers, guys!
Aaaand, thank You for the people who strongly stand against me on the past year, maybe they need to go through something as well as me so that they will be able to see the world wider :)
Start from being in a dilemma for months followed by getting a hip fractured through an accident, maybe?
You'll grow a lot, as much as me :)
Do you want to give it a try?

2019 will be the time where I shine the most.
I've been through many things last year and I believe this year will be a bit lighter.
More happiness are on their way! 🖤

Thank you, Lord for loving me, wholeheartedly.
I love You.

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  1. Manusia itu seperti sayur kol banyak lapisannya. Thanks and bye