Monday, 23 October 2017

[Random Story] : A new place for a new journey

When I'm writing this, I'm staying in a nice place on a nice country, Orchard Road, Singapore.
A new place for me, and a new journey as well.
Hmm, I'm kinda homesick right now.
It's only the 2nd day of my days here and I feel, not easy.
Singapore itself is a nice place, so clean, low crime, I can walk around with using my cellphone without any fear that someone is going to steal it.
The air itself, hm, very clean.
I really like it.
I think I don't need to wash hair for whole 3 days with this kinda air.
Kidding laa, I wash my hair everyday loo :)

The food, hm, edible, but not really nice.
Hm, I'm talking about the price hahaha
This evening I only have dimsum soup for my dinner and it takes $5 per each bowl.
Do you know es tebu?
The small cup one?
It costs around 3k in IDR right?
Here, you have to pay $2 (equal to 20k in IDR) for a small cup one.
Whoooaaa, I need to bring my water bottle everywhere hahaha

Plus, I need to take MRT, walk plus or minus than 45 minutes, to reach the food court place.
Can you imagine that?
After I have my dinner, I'm starting to starve again just to get back to my place.

Hm, btw, the office here is really nice.
I really like it.
The 'weather' is kinda similar with Google office hahaha
So simple, few of people, and when I start entering the office, I can relax.
The pantry as well is really nice.
I can get 100 Celcius degree water, a lot of snack, cereal, even beer, you can find it here.
The pantry itself is looked like a drinking beer area, it's really nice.
This is the pantry.

Beautiful right?
Hope I'll enjoy my journey here :)

Hello, how are you there?

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